4 April 2011

Rumble in the Jumble

Yesterday I went to two jumble sales. It was the perfect way to spend a slightly hungover Sunday afternoon. I found a few good bargains- a green raffia bag, £2, a scarf, £3, vintage sunglasses, £15 and a beautiful Sekonda wind-up watch for just £3! I think the watch is my favourite.

Jumper, UO, £40, nail varnish by Sparkle & Fade, courtesy of Ted Bowen, pendent, vintage

This is of my new jumper which I cannot get enough of. The photograph simply doesn't do it justice- you cannot see the amazing colours! It is going to be perfect for all those bright separates in the shops right now. It looks good with both my midi skirts. But really the best thing about this jumper is that it matches my bright orange nail varnish to perfection. Ahhh its the little things that make me happy :)

* A note on DOG BLOG...

As much as I am LOVING the sunny spring weather we are getting, it does mean there are less dogs wearing clothes. I know, it's a bloody tragedy! I have always got my beady eyes peeled for funny looking or glamorous dogs with or without apparel though so it is only a matter of time before dog blog returns- do not fear!

27 March 2011

I am BACK + Bag & Box

I'm back! After a longer than anticipated sabbatical (I love that word) and I've missed you! I had no idea it takes so many weeks to get the internet set up.

Anyways, this is going to be a short post as I am getting over a strange stomach illness which has inflicted me like a poltergeist inflicting a small child (in fact one doctor said I had 'colic') and is still vaguely making its presence felt.

I bought a new bag and it's lovely and soft and practical and big and the straps distribute the weight on my shoulders evenly.. which is good if you re a stylist carrying lots of shopping everyday. The leather rucksack is from the second hand section of Urban Outfitters. The wooden vessel it is sitting on is my lovely sewing box which I found at the little furniture market next to Broadway Market on a Saturday and only cost me £25! I'll try to get some better pics of it up here at some point.

Oh dear the poltergeist is back, must go drink some more germ-killing Coca-Cola (mother's suggestion) and have a lie down.


7 March 2011

Dog Blog Part 3

I am sitting in a creperie (how apt the day before pancake day) and writing this at speed cos I have no net yet in my new place. I have missed blogging much more than I anticipated. I really do enjoy doing this blog, it's quenching a creative thirst my job can't quench. Also, oh how I miss reading my blogs at breakfast time! I've never been so darn early for work. It's just plain wrong.

Here are a couple of quick dog snaps from the weekend. It's a shame the dog in the knitted jumper was so quick to weave away from me and into the crowd- his face was brilliant! I reckon his jumper had been lovingly knitted by hand. He looked very warm and chipper.

I had to include the second dog he was guarding this shop and, take note, is wearing a red neckerchief. Dog trend for Spring/Summer 2011 emerges...

Posts will be less frequent for a few weeks but when I return properly I know I gonna put even more effort in. Plus lots more dog blogs- they're the most fun. Have a good week!

1 March 2011

Green Theme at Abora Aksu

I only went to one show at LFW but it was good. Coincidentally, they had a green theme going on amongst the slates and charcoal greys.. "splashes of snot" I affectionately called it on the tube home afterwards, slightly merry from the miniature bottles of chardonnay we'd been downing in the que, and my homemade skirt I was sporting (see previous post) matched perfectly. Uncanny.

The green shirt was my favourite piece and the one black model was by far the most poised and beautiful. I also quite liked the movement of the maxi dressed pictured. Apparently the music was mixed very badly (I was with a DJ friend) but we got a reasonable view and skipped the que so I was happy.

Did that rhyme? Hmm acupuncture-induced tiredness kicking in...

I didn't make my aim of 20 followers. Bugger.

Hope you have all got through Tuesday Bluesday!

22 February 2011

Dog Blog Part 2

This pooch was hanging out in the window of a pub in Manchester. He seemed very concerned we were staring at him. Perhaps he was feeling self conscious about his choice of red neckerchief. He needn't have though, it's an obvious winner.

18 February 2011

Lean Green Sewing Machine

I made a prototype of my 'easy tube skirt' last week, it turned out OK, a bit rough round the edges but fine if you're admiring it from a distance! It needs a few simple improvements, perhaps an exposed zip at the back so it's a bit easier to get on and off (I have to wiggle in and out of it, it's pretty tight!) It took me about an hour and I used a thick stretchy jersey material, which cost £2.95 a metre. Bargain, and I have some left over. Perhaps I'll make a hair band.

17 February 2011

Colour Block Shoot

Here are some of the final edited photos of the shoot I did on Saturday. It's a shame the full story photo is so tiny but you get the idea. The colours look good together. Fruity. I've included a few close-ups so you can see the hair and make-up.

I love the pink look cos I think Sarah, the model, has a touch of Alicia Silverstone about her in that shot. If you are around my age, like me, you too will also have had a tiny crush on Cher in Clueless... aah those outfits, so 90's. Inspired.

13 February 2011

Eat yer Greens

Sarah wears: top, Bertie Creation, skirt by American Apparel, earrings by Lola Rose, bangle, Warehouse.

Yep, I'm not very good at puns.. Here's a few shots from the photo shoot last night. Went well I think- these pics on my iPhone don't do it justice. Linda (the photographer) did a great job of capturing the vibrant colours, Gayle (make-up) used an amazing Mac eye-pigment on Sarah's eyes and Tony (hair) managed to do the quickest hair changes Ive ever witnessed! The green top I made worked so well Sarah kept it to wear as a skirt.

It's a perfect Sunday morning, the fellas in bed with a cuppa, it's raining outside and I'm gonna stay in my PJ's, cosy up on the sofa and read some blogs. Or maybe look at pictures of funny dogs :)

12 February 2011

Dog Blog

Nothing cheers the cockles of my heart more than a dog wearing clothes. If I am ever feeling moody (which is pretty often) there's three things which will distract me; an amazing vintage bag (preferably a market full of them) a foreign supermarket (with jars of unusual jams and pickles) or a funny dog. If the dog happens to be wearing a bomber jacket then I will probably let out a small squeal and take a picture.

The second picture was taken on my way to work. I wanted to be that dog so bad- all cosy and warm in his dog-bag. Look at those soft loppy ears!

I'm doing a shoot for my website later today. I've been busy collecting. borrowing and buying clothes all week but hopefully the results will be good. The story is based around colour blocking and cos I couldn't find the perfect green top I am just about to attempt to make my own. The shoots starts in 4hrs and 24 minutes.. best get down the haberdashery then.

PS no swearing in this post.. I'm saving it all for the speed sewing this afternoon..

7 February 2011


I was in Urban Outfitters last week and, shock, horror, I saw this:

A COLLAR NECKLACE! As you can see from my profile picture I have already created this very simple item using pieces of lace available at any good haberdashery priced at around 50pence per collar. You just have to buy two and then sew the pieces together. It really is that easy which is why I was horrified to discover how much Urban Outfitter are charging for this, albeit very pretty, item....

£28!!! All I can say is, I hope it was a labelling error cos that's fucking appalling.

Read my post here: Detachable Collar Necklace it proves it was my idea FIRST :)

6 February 2011


Here's a quick snap as promised! I've worn them a few times this week for short walks. I am gradually wearing in the soft leather so they don't rub my feet. They look nice teamed with my new polka dot culottes but I forgot to take a picture.

Russell & Bromley shoes, £145

Sorry I've been rubbish at writing the last couple of week, Ive been spending most of my free time obsessively checking Gumtree and Rightmove searching for the perfect flat to rent. But my hunt came to an end on Wednesday (hooray!!) so no more excuses. I expect my posts will involve some interior design and homeware finds in the forthcoming weeks...

26 January 2011

Russell & Bromley

I'm just about to spend £145 on a pair of shoes. Yep, more than I've ever spent on shoes ever before. But I've weighed up the pros and cons and when it comes to the crunch, I honestly think I deserve these shoes. They're practical, comfortable and classic. I've already planned several outfits around them. Plus its the end of January and I'm feeling pretty darn shitty.

I remember these Russell & Bromley shoes my Godmother bought me when I was about eight years old. I adored them. They were flat Mary-Jane's; purple, patent with a little tartan bow on the front. It was the early 1990s OK?! They were cool. Hip. I would've been the envy of my friends accept I only wore them on special occasions and grew out of them before I got time to show them off more than once or twice... shame. I wonder where they are now.

Anyway, I am pretty excited about payday this Friday. I'll post up a photo when I get them. Woo!

24 January 2011

Is it STILL January? FFS..

I am currently obsessed with two things; firstly, shirts, buttoned up to the top. I got this shirt last week. Its actually sleeveless so a bit too chilly for winter. Topshop do loads in all different colours and I can't decide which one to get next..

..possibly it may be the one which is my second obsession at the moment; bright orangey red, the colour my friend Holly likes to call 'KILLER TOMATO' The second picture is of my latest purchase from Jaeger (I had a press voucher, its way too pricey for me really). Killer Tomato is getting me through winter and the boring camel colour the high street is still obsessed with. When are they gonna cotton on to the fact no one looks good in beige. yep BEIGE. Doesn't sound so sartorial now does it?!

Left picture:
Shirt - Topshop
Jeans H&M (dyed black, years old)
Sheepskin - charity shop
bag - vintage

Right picture:
Cardi - Jaeger
Pendant - vintage fair
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - H&M

I went out wearing heels for the first time in at least 5 years on Saturday (the H&M ones pictured) and my feet didn't hurt. I felt well tall!

Cheerio xx

17 January 2011

Celine Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

Buttoned-up shirts, cigarette pants, ankle socks and short skirts. Sharp.

16 January 2011

My new toy.

My BIG package arrived this week- a Brother XL2620 Special Edition no less!

Very exciting. Eventually my aim is to design and create my own clothes but for now I am simply adjusting things so they fit me perfectly. Finding clothes which fit is hard if you are buying from high street stores, vintage or charity shops- cheap clothes are usually a rubbish cut. A little tweak here and there goes a long way.

One of my favourite things about the blogs I read are the outfit posts but the thought of posing in front of a camera every day and posting it on here makes me want to laugh. For a start I don't always wear an outfit decent enough to warrant a photo! So, as a compromise I will try to post a few real life pics instead.. Here are a few from Saturday night at my brother's house party (note the glamorous bathroom location!)

Red dress, H&M (adjusted to fit me perfectly)
Scarf and earrings, Vintage.

So that's my first dorky outfit post. Perhaps I'll become less awkward in front of the camera with practise... I hope so cos my other NY resolution is to take more photos.

I had a brilliant weekend and my Sunday blues aren't overwhelming.
Have a good week x

9 January 2011


So I'm obviously really late with this resolution malarkey but last night I realised I wanna give my blog another go. I think the key is to get into a routine. I am too busy during the week dressing the Loose Women to blog but I usually catch up with my favourite blogs at the weekend.

I am going to dedicate Sunday mornings to blogging from now on. One entry a week- how hard can it be? And, I've asked my beautiful sister Ted give me a shake if I don't do it.. so its all your fault if I fail Teddington ;)

So that's my promise to myself. However big or small I will post something at least once a week throughout 2011.