13 February 2011

Eat yer Greens

Sarah wears: top, Bertie Creation, skirt by American Apparel, earrings by Lola Rose, bangle, Warehouse.

Yep, I'm not very good at puns.. Here's a few shots from the photo shoot last night. Went well I think- these pics on my iPhone don't do it justice. Linda (the photographer) did a great job of capturing the vibrant colours, Gayle (make-up) used an amazing Mac eye-pigment on Sarah's eyes and Tony (hair) managed to do the quickest hair changes Ive ever witnessed! The green top I made worked so well Sarah kept it to wear as a skirt.

It's a perfect Sunday morning, the fellas in bed with a cuppa, it's raining outside and I'm gonna stay in my PJ's, cosy up on the sofa and read some blogs. Or maybe look at pictures of funny dogs :)


  1. this look sgreat ! her hair is amazing
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  2. thanks for the comment back ! im sorry to say i got my JC's from the Americaand saved up for the extra shipping costs! its so worth it they are so comfortable