16 January 2011

My new toy.

My BIG package arrived this week- a Brother XL2620 Special Edition no less!

Very exciting. Eventually my aim is to design and create my own clothes but for now I am simply adjusting things so they fit me perfectly. Finding clothes which fit is hard if you are buying from high street stores, vintage or charity shops- cheap clothes are usually a rubbish cut. A little tweak here and there goes a long way.

One of my favourite things about the blogs I read are the outfit posts but the thought of posing in front of a camera every day and posting it on here makes me want to laugh. For a start I don't always wear an outfit decent enough to warrant a photo! So, as a compromise I will try to post a few real life pics instead.. Here are a few from Saturday night at my brother's house party (note the glamorous bathroom location!)

Red dress, H&M (adjusted to fit me perfectly)
Scarf and earrings, Vintage.

So that's my first dorky outfit post. Perhaps I'll become less awkward in front of the camera with practise... I hope so cos my other NY resolution is to take more photos.

I had a brilliant weekend and my Sunday blues aren't overwhelming.
Have a good week x

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