7 March 2011

Dog Blog Part 3

I am sitting in a creperie (how apt the day before pancake day) and writing this at speed cos I have no net yet in my new place. I have missed blogging much more than I anticipated. I really do enjoy doing this blog, it's quenching a creative thirst my job can't quench. Also, oh how I miss reading my blogs at breakfast time! I've never been so darn early for work. It's just plain wrong.

Here are a couple of quick dog snaps from the weekend. It's a shame the dog in the knitted jumper was so quick to weave away from me and into the crowd- his face was brilliant! I reckon his jumper had been lovingly knitted by hand. He looked very warm and chipper.

I had to include the second dog he was guarding this shop and, take note, is wearing a red neckerchief. Dog trend for Spring/Summer 2011 emerges...

Posts will be less frequent for a few weeks but when I return properly I know I gonna put even more effort in. Plus lots more dog blogs- they're the most fun. Have a good week!

1 comment:

  1. I love DogBlog so much. Were you down Broadway market? We saw lots of good dogs down there on Saturday. I also saw TWO french bulldogs this weekend - one black and one white. Almost got run over trying to cross the street to get closer to the white one -would have been worth it!