1 March 2011

Green Theme at Abora Aksu

I only went to one show at LFW but it was good. Coincidentally, they had a green theme going on amongst the slates and charcoal greys.. "splashes of snot" I affectionately called it on the tube home afterwards, slightly merry from the miniature bottles of chardonnay we'd been downing in the que, and my homemade skirt I was sporting (see previous post) matched perfectly. Uncanny.

The green shirt was my favourite piece and the one black model was by far the most poised and beautiful. I also quite liked the movement of the maxi dressed pictured. Apparently the music was mixed very badly (I was with a DJ friend) but we got a reasonable view and skipped the que so I was happy.

Did that rhyme? Hmm acupuncture-induced tiredness kicking in...

I didn't make my aim of 20 followers. Bugger.

Hope you have all got through Tuesday Bluesday!

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