9 January 2011


So I'm obviously really late with this resolution malarkey but last night I realised I wanna give my blog another go. I think the key is to get into a routine. I am too busy during the week dressing the Loose Women to blog but I usually catch up with my favourite blogs at the weekend.

I am going to dedicate Sunday mornings to blogging from now on. One entry a week- how hard can it be? And, I've asked my beautiful sister Ted give me a shake if I don't do it.. so its all your fault if I fail Teddington ;)

So that's my promise to myself. However big or small I will post something at least once a week throughout 2011.


1 comment:

  1. Yay, good resolution sis, better late than never :) And I'll do my best to hassle you every week! You're going to hate me...but it'll be worth it :)