4 April 2011

Rumble in the Jumble

Yesterday I went to two jumble sales. It was the perfect way to spend a slightly hungover Sunday afternoon. I found a few good bargains- a green raffia bag, £2, a scarf, £3, vintage sunglasses, £15 and a beautiful Sekonda wind-up watch for just £3! I think the watch is my favourite.

Jumper, UO, £40, nail varnish by Sparkle & Fade, courtesy of Ted Bowen, pendent, vintage

This is of my new jumper which I cannot get enough of. The photograph simply doesn't do it justice- you cannot see the amazing colours! It is going to be perfect for all those bright separates in the shops right now. It looks good with both my midi skirts. But really the best thing about this jumper is that it matches my bright orange nail varnish to perfection. Ahhh its the little things that make me happy :)

* A note on DOG BLOG...

As much as I am LOVING the sunny spring weather we are getting, it does mean there are less dogs wearing clothes. I know, it's a bloody tragedy! I have always got my beady eyes peeled for funny looking or glamorous dogs with or without apparel though so it is only a matter of time before dog blog returns- do not fear!