27 March 2011

I am BACK + Bag & Box

I'm back! After a longer than anticipated sabbatical (I love that word) and I've missed you! I had no idea it takes so many weeks to get the internet set up.

Anyways, this is going to be a short post as I am getting over a strange stomach illness which has inflicted me like a poltergeist inflicting a small child (in fact one doctor said I had 'colic') and is still vaguely making its presence felt.

I bought a new bag and it's lovely and soft and practical and big and the straps distribute the weight on my shoulders evenly.. which is good if you re a stylist carrying lots of shopping everyday. The leather rucksack is from the second hand section of Urban Outfitters. The wooden vessel it is sitting on is my lovely sewing box which I found at the little furniture market next to Broadway Market on a Saturday and only cost me £25! I'll try to get some better pics of it up here at some point.

Oh dear the poltergeist is back, must go drink some more germ-killing Coca-Cola (mother's suggestion) and have a lie down.


7 March 2011

Dog Blog Part 3

I am sitting in a creperie (how apt the day before pancake day) and writing this at speed cos I have no net yet in my new place. I have missed blogging much more than I anticipated. I really do enjoy doing this blog, it's quenching a creative thirst my job can't quench. Also, oh how I miss reading my blogs at breakfast time! I've never been so darn early for work. It's just plain wrong.

Here are a couple of quick dog snaps from the weekend. It's a shame the dog in the knitted jumper was so quick to weave away from me and into the crowd- his face was brilliant! I reckon his jumper had been lovingly knitted by hand. He looked very warm and chipper.

I had to include the second dog he was guarding this shop and, take note, is wearing a red neckerchief. Dog trend for Spring/Summer 2011 emerges...

Posts will be less frequent for a few weeks but when I return properly I know I gonna put even more effort in. Plus lots more dog blogs- they're the most fun. Have a good week!

1 March 2011

Green Theme at Abora Aksu

I only went to one show at LFW but it was good. Coincidentally, they had a green theme going on amongst the slates and charcoal greys.. "splashes of snot" I affectionately called it on the tube home afterwards, slightly merry from the miniature bottles of chardonnay we'd been downing in the que, and my homemade skirt I was sporting (see previous post) matched perfectly. Uncanny.

The green shirt was my favourite piece and the one black model was by far the most poised and beautiful. I also quite liked the movement of the maxi dressed pictured. Apparently the music was mixed very badly (I was with a DJ friend) but we got a reasonable view and skipped the que so I was happy.

Did that rhyme? Hmm acupuncture-induced tiredness kicking in...

I didn't make my aim of 20 followers. Bugger.

Hope you have all got through Tuesday Bluesday!