16 July 2010


I could talk for hours about the humble bag. The Handbag, clutch, satchel, tote, shopper, bum-bag even rucksack (see below) all have a place in my wardrobe. I think what sets them apart for me, is the fact that they are practical, and if something is both practical and nice to look at, it is stylish.

My bag broke on Tuesday and although it is definitely mend-able it made me realise I need a new one. One which does not cripple me or break when I fill it with my 'essentials'. Here's my bag in action (papped by the style scout, please excuse the cockerel-eyes, bit pissed)

Anyways, I wanna talk about the NEW bag I want. Well I say new I do actually mean old of course. I want a rucksack, a lovely worn, tan leather rucksack. Soft and lived-in, but strong enough to hold books and massive bottles of water. Its also got to have wide straps for good support and extra pockets with little buckles but without being too bulky and masculine. Basically i want this one on Ebay but at £31 and two days to go, it might be out of my price range. I'll keep my eyes peeled...

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