26 January 2010

Illness/ Pastel Shoot/ Stella M./ Maxi Pattern

Due to illness I didn't manage to do my shoot BUT instead I'll be doing it on 7th Feb which gives me even more time to prep. After finding a lemon blouse in my favourite (secret) charity shop I had the idea that I could do the entire shoot using charity shop/ second hand/ found or homemade clothes and accessories. This is proving pretty tricky but I do still have 12 days to search and sew. The blouse I've bought reminds me of this Stella McCartney SS2010 look. I'm going to replace the buttons to make it look more special. Instead of a denim skirt I'd team it with some pale blue denim cut-offs.

Also I got my maxi skirt pattern in the post last week. I thought, how hard can it be to follow a simple pattern? HARD. But I like a challenge..

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