12 December 2009


so this blog is mainly for my own personal pleasure- and a place where i can disclose my latest inspiration/wish list/style prediction/fashion faux par/general babblement.... i'm a stylist but due to the nature of the job i also rubs shoulder with make-up artists and hair stylists so from time to time I will also incorporate beauty into my blog.

when it comes to fashion for me capturing your indiviuality is key. if an item has the perfect combination of practical usage AND style then its perfect.

For example, I've been using my bum-bag for years now as my kit-bag on shoots and also at festivals when I get too trashed to remember to hold anything accept my head up. Many may not agree the fanny-pack is cool- but they're suddenly everywhere in the high steets and vintage stores. Yeah you'll have one soon.

I am curently on the look out for a floral-printed dress. ok that may seem pretty simple, but its not. I have tried on at least 6 already but none of them have been right. The dress needs to be reminiscent of the 1990s grunge era and must go with my latest and most dearest purchases- a hand-knitted, oversized Aran Cardi and my brown leather pixie boots. Both second hand bargains, naturally.

Finally the item i am most keen to find: the Maxi skirt. They're just so elegant. When i put one on I can help but stand up straight. The search is on.

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